Tears of Joy Cover In Good JPG FormatNew Children's Book Coming out in 2022!
It's at the publisher's with expected publication in early Fall!
I wrote this story about compassion when the kids were young, but given the divisiveness in our country, and war in the world, now seems like the right time to publish. The inclusive illustrations (of culture, ability and LGBTQ) were done by the amazing Karen Hilmes of St. Louis (karenhilmesstudio.com). Please check out her beautiful art! Also, please go to HenschelHauspublishing.com to order to some GREAT reads and support independent publishers who help people like me become published authors. Thank you, Kira Henschel!
*A portion of the proceeds will go to support refugees fleeing violence and war through Lutheran World Relief!
An Initial Review of Tears of Joy

Tears of Joy is such a “feel-good”  story and it teaches empathy and considering others from such a loving place! Every reader will be able to relate in some way. The river of tears is an intriguing place where needs are met and people are cared for. This book is a soul-warmer and should be implemented in every elementary guidance curriculum! Seeing the world with compassionate eyes helps individuals feel proud of their efforts and find our place in this world, where we all belong! 

~Tonia Hastings, MA, Licensed Professional Counselor & Professional School Counselor. 


I'm Featured on an Author Podcast!

Mark's Motivational Podcast

by Mark L'estrange from Dublin Ireland

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Mark posted the podcast today! Mark features musicians as well as writers. He is a children's book author himself, and is also the dad of a 5-year old! We had such a fun conversation and I am grateful to him for the opportunity!


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