Van Gogh Immersive PicTwo weekends ago my husband and I went to the Immersive Van Gogh art experience. Using 90,000,000 pixels and 500,000 cubic feet of projection, Van Gogh’s paintings covered all four walls and the floor. They manipulated the paintings with video while set to beautiful music. We were truly immersed in moving art—it was all around us, on our bodies and even covered our shoes.

It was captivating and deeply spiritual, personal and communal.

This is how we live in God, in Spirit—every second of our life we are immersed in God. At the burning bush with Moses God said, “I am that I am”—God is life and breath itself. We have been breathing in God unconsciously since we were born. Acts 17 says, “in God we live and move have our being.” This is why we feel close to God in nature—because God is projected everywhere in creation, the very first Bible with more pixels and cells than we can possibly conceive!

Go outside, listen to the birds, feel the music of the breeze, and breathe deeply today. Immerse yourself deeply in God.

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