20210726 092433Dan and I had a wonderful two-week vacation of rest, relaxation, reading, and then time together with family. While in Cancun for the first week, I read a novel called Driftless by David Rhodes which features a female pastor who has a transcendent spiritual experience standing on a bridge over a stream outside a small town in Wisconsin: "The light glowing within the grasses and the sumac glowed within her, within everything. They sang with her through the light jubilantly, compassionately, timelessly connecting her past, present, and future. Where she left off and something else began could not be established. Everything breathed....The whole world participated in awareness." This spiritual renewal is why rest, reconnecting with nature, and even the Sacraments we celebrate at church are so vital to our well-being--they are moments that affirm and remind us that all of life is one--that we all come from the same source and Creator, and we will all return to the same source and Creator. I felt this moment of spiritual union swimming with a dolphin on Isla Mujeres north of Cancun. I swam out about thirty feet, made a T with my arms and waited. Gandalf, the dolphin, swam up beside me and turned on his back, inviting me to hang on to his two flippers and relax while his powerful body pulled me back to the group. It was thrilling and unifying. God is in all things. All of life is one.

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