DadMy dad turned 86 yesterday. He woke up for this birthday in the hospital after a successful fourth stent was placed in the main artery of his heart the day before. He could feel the difference while he was still lying in bed right after the procedure. Prior to this, he had to sit down in a chair in the hallway while walking from his bedroom to the kitchen because he was so out of breath. It is amazing what happens when your heart does not get the blood and oxygen it needs to pump properly--you cannot walk, you cannot breathe, you cannot do anything, really. But one little wire stent that pushed all the blockage out of the way, and shazam! The blood flowed, the muscle received oxygen, the heart stopped racing, the breathing eased.

What a great metaphor for those moments when we try to live life on our own--without prayer, without God, without the Spirit who nourishes us with soul-oxygen. What is it that keeps you connected to the Spirit, your heart open, and love flowing to and through your whole body, mind and soul? What are the prayer stents that open you up and recharge you when you are clogged up and gasping for help? Today, I give thanks to God for my dad's renewed life (he's home now!), and this powerful reminder to let God's love and life flow freely into mine.

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