KnockersPictureRed balloons on the microphone seemed like a good idea at the time! Last Sunday was Reformation and Confirmation--two youth were affirming their Baptism and becoming adult members of the congregation. But no one could see their faces above the balloons when they were ready to share their statement of faith, so I untied them after the first prayer. Thankfully, there were no microphone balloons for the rest of the Confirmation service! But I am glad they were there long enough to take this picture, because I have laughed more in the last week looking at this picture than I have in a long time. It has been truly healing and spiritually transforming. I try not think too much about breast cancer or worry about it coming back, but this is harder during October when breast cancer awareness is everywhere, and as I approach the anniversary of my diagnosis. Battling fear of not surviving COVID-19 as a high-risk person compounds this anxiety. British playwright Christopher Fry said, "Comedy is an escape, not from truth, but from despair, a narrow escape into faith." Laughing at this picture gave me an escape route out of fear back into faith. I hope it makes you laugh as much as it did me.

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