The Bibles Story and Our StoryI love it when God makes the connection between the Biblical story and our stories so clear. On Sunday, April 22nd, I was blessed to be installed as the pastor of St. Luke’s Lutheran Church in Richardson, Texas. There are many wonderful Christian attributes about this congregation and one of them is hospitality. They have partnered with the Dallas Oromo Congregation from Ethiopia, offering office and worship space. The Children's choir from the Oromo congregation, directed by Ursula Peters, a St. Luke's member, sang two songs during my Service of Installation, and their pastor, Sileshi Hinsarmu read the second lesson and helped serve Communion. Their faith and devotion ministered to St. Luke's and to me.

This past Sunday, April 30th, the first reading appointed for the day was the story of the Ethiopian eunuch from Acts 8, who, upon hearing Phillip preach the good news of Jesus Christ, was immediately ready to be baptized and converted to Christianity. Today, the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus, is the fastest growing Lutheran church in the world with over eight million members. As St. Luke’s partners with the Dallas Oromo congregation, we have a wonderful opportunity to minister together as we learn about church growth and mission in today’s world.

God’s story is always on-going in the lives of faithful people who continue to dwell in God’s Word, worship and pray in community, reach out in hospitality and mission, and follow the continuing guidance of the Holy Spirit. How is God’s story in and through the Biblical story being woven together with your story for the sake of growing the kingdom of peace, justice and love today? Some days we have to dig for the connections, and sometimes, living the Scripture story becomes as plain as a conversation with my friend and colleague whose office door is two feet away, and the Oromo congregation he serves.

Photo by Larry Wecsler

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